Name - Kiyi(s)

Pronunciation - KEE-yee(z)

Original - Kohas, a tawny male. He's thought to still be alive.

Temperament - Kiyis are good-natured and affectionate towards both other Kiyis and most other amiable Lavanians. Though noble warriors for the most part, it's a rare Kiyi that turns down a chance to play or wrestle with a friend, as their favorite type of recreation involves physical challenges. They're very devoted to their families and packs, as well as the health and happiness of just about everyone they like, but they know (usually) when to keep their nose out of someone's personal life. They won't fight if not necessary, but most have plenty of righteous anger when the situation calls for it, and they value justice and honesty rather strongly.

Culture - Kiyis live in large, rowdy packs that have large, undefined territories, since they're universally friendly towards all Lavanians (unless said Lavanians wish to be hostile). Kiyis greatly value family, blood-relations, and pups; Kiyis mate for life and will only take another mate if one of the pair dies unnaturally (such as in a fight or by disease). Litters are medium-sized, ranging from three to six pups that are grown in three years and live into their 70s. Grown pups rarely leave their home-pack, unless they take a mate from another pack, so Kiyis are very careful about avoiding inbreeding.

Habitat - Just about anywhere that isn't arctic or desert. Kiyis prefer to live on a certain island chain between Handak and Penyns, called the Kiyi Chain, but most are happy if they have sparse forests and some good hunting grounds.

Height at Shoulder - 3.5-4.5 feet

Physical Description - Strongly-built, Kiyis are canine in shape but more muscular and powerful than Erauqs. Long, strong legs give them a swift running speed, while a barrelled chest offers them good endurance and furthers their strength. Kiyi heads resemble that of a Great Dane, heavy and with powerful jaws, atop a proud, arched neck. They also have saberfangs that reach well below their chins and rarely break, despite their length and the Kiyi's lack of caution in wielding them. Canine tails are used for nothing but expressing emotion, and their broad paws have semi-blunt, unretractable claws. Kiyis have a thick but smooth pelt and rather feline eyes that are usually bright and alert.

Coloration - Kiyis are universally brown, mostly without markings, though some have lighter or white undersides, paws, and muzzle. The most common shade is tawny, and then a smooth wood-brown, but greybrown, bronze, copper, chocolate, and cream aren't unusual. Their eyes are jewel-like hues, such as sapphire, emerald, amethyst, or gold.

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