Species: Kihin(s)

Species' Name~ Kihin

Home World~ Lavana

Height at the Shoulder~ Four to five feet, I'd say.

Species' Colors~ Um, good question. They're recently-Created on Lavana, so there aren't many individuals at all yet. So far, there have been browns, greys, blues and teals, and greens and yellows. They probably range the spectrum, really. Their short fur tends to be one shade and their longer fur another darker shade of the same colour.

Temperament~ Highly competitive and aggressive, nonetheless these cretts know when they're beaten and when not to mess with something. They're very intelligent and like knowledge. Other than that, it varies as per individual.

Species' Description~ Quadrupeds, these lanky critters are long-legged and just long in general, referring to neck, snout, toes, claws, and tail as well as torso and limbs. But let's start at the head and go from there. They have a very raptorish head, long-jawed and whiskerless, and their teeth are vaguely wolfish, with the fangs long and the teeth around the fangs (incisors, canines, etc.) very sharp as well. They have a rhino-like horn on the end of their muzzle, not as curved back as a rhino's though the tip points directly skyward and it's very very sharp. They have internal ears, multi-coloured feline eyes, and a long, graceful, powerful neck. They do have a center-throat, with all the vulnerables of the neck, including the spinal cord, settled in the center of that flexible length of muscle. Starting at the back of their skull and continuing all the way down the spinal cord, there's long, silky fur, effectively hiding a line of sharp ridges, akin to a dragon's, which display the Kihin's emotions most often. The ridges are smooth and hard, with only the point being sharp; they're mostly intended to protect the spine. There are also 'clumps' of soft, long fur on their hips and shoulders, hiding four long ridges there as well. Back to their shoulders, their should blades are almost sharp and bony, with extra muscles packed onto their shoulders to wield the sharp ridges there. Their forelimbs are very long-boned and, like the rest of the body, have very tough joints — it's nearly impossible to dislocate a bone with Kihins. They have vaguely humanoid hands, if, that is, the human would walk with fingers splayed and heel of the hand upraised in the air. Their fingers are at least twice as long as a human's, though jointed the same. Their claws are long and curved and nasty, but retractable so that only a centimeter's worth of the tip is visible normally, but when unsheathed are probably four inches long, at least, and coated in enamel (the same tough-stuff that coats your teeth to prevent them from cracking and breaking). The undersides of their forelimbs are very shaggy, once again concealing a long, downwards-pointing claw protruding from their elbow. As for their torso, they have wide, tough ribs (rib-slats), but otherwise mundane organs. Their hind limbs are slightly longer than their fore, constantly bent to make up for this, and leanly muscular. From their 'knee' and down, the front of their leg is shaggy, pooling around very silkily-furred feet. They also have that claw, hidden in a simple tuft of fur this time, protruding from their hock which points backwards as a joint. Their hind paws are broad, much like a lion's, but their toes are longer, but with only one joint. Directly before this one joint is an upwards-and-forwards-arching claw, probably three or four inches in length and very sharp on the undercurve and tip. Their fur once again disguises these claws, and the toes end in regular, two-inch, heavy and curved claws which are unretractable. As for the tail, it's anywhere from once to twice their body length. Pure muscle, the fur-hidden ridges stop halfway down its length, and for the last fourth of the tail, long fur dangles from the underside. This long down-hanging fur hides a heavy, scythe-like blade which also hangs downwards, about two to four inches from the tip of their tail. The blade can be up to two feet long (with the fur always a foot longer than the blade). There are also two (for males) or three (for femmes) blades preceding the scythe-blade, but these are merely three to five inches long and more of a claw than a blade. Where the long, silky fur is not, a short, fine, sleek fur is, coating their bodies and rather waterproofing them. Kihins, in short, have completely hidden assets — blades, claws and ridges hidden by fur often deceives their opponents. It is a common opinion among those Lavanians who have met Kihins that they were Created to challenge Korats as species versus species… but who knows?

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