Species: Khrebum

Pronunciation— KRAY-bum —the R is a french r

Singular— Khrebum
Plural— Khrebum


Height at Shoulder— 6 ft and up
Length (without tail)— 12 ft and up
Length (with tail)— 18 ft and up
Wingspan— 18 ft and up
Weight— 1,000 lbs and up


Colours— Any in the entire spectrum. Rare to have markings, though iridescence is common. Shading usually occurs; darker on the back, head, tail, and legs, lighting on the underbelly and wings.

Temperment— Reserved and possessing an ancient quality, even if the Khrebum is young and naive. They have powerful mental abilities including telepathy, which is how they communicate, and are highly intelligent. They have a strong sense of justice and can get viciously protective over a being or place. Beyond that, it varies.

Physical Shape— In a word? Dragon. They are reptilian, breathe fire, have scales, claws, big teeth, and leathery wings. Their size varies from 'small' to being over a mile long. However, most individuals reach maturity and are at least 20 ft high, then as they age, they continue to grow steadily. A good example of this continual growth is WideWing, a great ivory beast who overflies the Valley often— he is at least two miles long, and his wingspan is over three miles. Their shape can vary, even to the point of some Khrebum preferring to walk solely on their two hind legs. Most, however, are quadrupedal, with strong, healthy limbs to carry them when they don't feel like using their broad pinions and air currents. They are an ancient race, and it shows.

Linking— Linking is done between a Khrebum and any of the other three species. It's a strong, telepathic Link that permanently connects a pair. The Khrebum chooses their partner, and the chosen cannot have any idea of what is about to happen. It's a sort of intense, painful headache for a moment, before able to speak telepathically to each other. All thoughts and emotions aren't shared, but strong ones are hard to hide. Linking is fairly rare, and usually it's only small, young adult Khrebum who want a partner. Linking is always capitalized.

Aging— No Khrebum have ever been known to die of old age. As far as we can tell, hatchlings are grown at about 12 years.

Breeding / Family— Information on breeding is completely unknown; it's not even sure if they take permanent mates. Their entire group seems to care for young ones, which are grown around 12 years, and the mother and father aren't distinguishable in duties for the hatchlings. Clutches, depending on the size of the parents, can range from two to two dozen eggs. Only Khrebum of a certain size breed, usually between 15 and 30 feet high, and this appears to be a once-in-a-lifetime occurance.

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