Invented By~ Kain

Home World~ Magaol

Height at the Shoulder~ From 4-10 feet.

Colors and Temperaments~ It depends. There are several breeds, classed into Elements, that variates the personality and coloration.


Firehearts are good-sized, 7-9 feet or so, with males bigger. Their colors are shades of red, orange, gold, yellow, white, and gray, or any other colors associated with flame. All of these Kheluts have blue eyes. As their name implies, Firehearts are wild and emotional, passionate and with a temper to beat a forest blaze. Flame literally runs in their blood— it is incredibly steamy— and strange genes let them use weak fire magics.


Raineyes are a good deal cooler than Firehearts, with subtle scalework of blues, greens, purples, grays, silvers…and so on. All have silver eyes. They are cool and serene, with a mysterious smile and pure, yet usually unereadable, ways. When they want to keep a secret, they can. Raineyes are smaller, 5-7 feet. Powerful spells of water and ice are locked away in their hearts.


Windpaws are very small, from 4-6 feet, yet lithe and graceful. They come in pale hues of white, blue, purple and gray, often patterned in clouds. They have bright golden eyes. Open and always ready for a laugh, this breed is light-hearted and free, uncaring Kheluts with their head in the clouds. They hold the key to rather weak air magic.


Huge beasts of raw power and immense…stupidity. Earthtails range from 7-9 feet, like Flamehearts, yet come in browns, tans, grays, greens, black. Earthy hues, with small green eyes. Not the brightest of Khelutkind, they rely on their strength, magical and physical, and surprising speed to get them out of all situations. And it has done them justice! They are loving and sweet, when you get to know them, but protective as all bsta. Very powerful mages controlling the ways of earth.


Tiny little buggers, in proportion to other breeds, 4-5 feet tall and wiry. Basically golds, light blues, white, yellows, and silvers, Shocktalons aren't as varying as other Kheluts. Their eyes are an insane shade of neon orange, bright and crackly. Incredibly fast, they are hyper and always have an endless store of energy. Their lightning magic isn't anything to ooh over, but its still alright.


Sadistic, sarcastic, solitary. They are well-sculpted, standing at a height from 6-8 feet. They aren't nessesarily loners, but they do stick to themselves often enough. Shades of dark grays and golds and silvers, with penetrating steel-gray eyes. Stormwings are rough warriors. Their weather magic is strong enough, and combined with their physical strength and speed, it makes them worthy opponents.


…dark. Blacks, deep silvers, deep grays. Their eyes are always some very dark hue, and often exotic somehow. Mistblades are silent opponents of vast power and speed. They stand at a formiddable 8-10 feet. Their wide outlook of life makes them cold and everaware. This breed rarely shows any emotion, yet they are wise, always watching and listening. Their appearance and ways make them seem surreal, half-there, like shadows trapped into the mortal plane. Mists have strong magic of fog and shade.

Appearance~ This is -so- original. —;. I feel sick at this amazing originality! ::sarcasmsarcasm:: Well, take a dragon, make it bipedal. Dragon- BIG wings, heavily bladed, scaly, slitted pupils, big paws with thick claws. Broad, long tail, with a final blade. They have very-very long lifepsans, and form a soul bond with Caeth. Your bonded is called your Nazhaev.

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