Invented By~ Tkkri

Height at the Shoulder~ Mountains=4-5.5ft, Rivers=3.5-5ft, Plains= 3-5ft

Species' Colors~ All Khauvin's main colors are nature tones that blend in with their surroundings. Mountains tend to be grey to forest greens, Plains are normally a brownish color, and rivers are usally a mud-brown color to even the rare dark blue to blend in with water. Eyes are ALWAYS a bright neon color, designed so that prey had a chance to tell they are there as Khauvin's have no known scent.

Temperment~ Khauvin's usually travel in "prides" of about 7-12, thus they can work well with others and are rather tolerant. However, as most of their culture involves fighting to prove ones worth they often challenge a species to a battle as formal greetings. Khauvin's rarely grow angry unless overcome by battle rage, and most often are calm and alert.

Species' Description- Khauvins have three main subspecies that are all similar and yet each has their own differences. Each body formed is based on what is best for the area in which it lives. The main body form for all is that of one of three big cats. Mountains are cougar-formed, Rivers are jaguar-formed, and Plains bodies are cheetah-formed. Their fore-arms are ball-jointed, and their hind legs, though not ball-jointed, have a tremendous amount of muscle for jumping, flipping, or just leaping into the air. They have two tails, one is a tad longer and has a straight blade at the end, the other has a long hooked scythe-type blade. Their five claws on their hind legs are not terribly long but are good for gripping. Their three fore claws are very long, with the innermost claws on each paw being twice the size of the others. One of the most impressive aspects of these creatures is their extensive necks, the longest ever recorded was five feet long but most of the time they are about four feet. Their necks are lined with ten layers of firm thick muscle that can relax and tighten as one or at seperate times, making the neck very flexible and hard to damage. Often times the Khauvin's curve their necks back into an S shape, not unsimilar to snakes, before striking out at lightning speed. Their heads are wolven, with a slightly jutting jaw characterized mainly by the bull-dog. This jaw gives them a harsh painful grip on their enemies. Woe betide ye who gets his neck trapped. They also have a hard unpenatrable bone plate upon their head, though mountains have a spike as well. For other abilities Khauvin's breathe fire, and occasionally, though moral code holds them to only use this attack once per battle, Khauvin's can take fire from one stomach and acid from the other, combining them to create a horror of acid fire that burns all it touches. Khauvin's have four lungs each, but River's have the small extra pair in the back. Each of these creatures has three hearts, one between the two medium sized lungs, one underneath it's bone helmet infront of it's brain, and the final at the top of it's straight-bladed tail. Fianally, for special features, River Khauvin's have poision secreting fins that run down the back of their long necks… Mountain Khauvin's have longer fangs in the front of their mouths that help to puncture the skin easier, and Plains Khauvins have slightly stick paw-pads so that they can grip the ground easier and create a faster lope…

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