Invented By~ Sushi

History~ The Kaurians were engineered on Aibla by the Jhee, basically as a project to make Korats (and Sub-Korats) into 'taurs. Needless to say, it worked… mostly.

Home World~ Engineered on Aibla, but they don't claim that as home, nor any other planet. Nomadic, I guess.

Height at the Shoulder~ Which shoulder? *G* At muzzle-height, they're about 6-10 ft. Average is 7.

Species' Colors~ Koratian colours, three breeds - red, tan, and black.

Temperment~ Same as Korats, mostly. They don't mind technology and are adept at whatever they want.

Species' Description~ Their lower body is the EXACT same as a Korat's, including the tail and everything. Then, where a Korat's head and neck would be, there's a Tarok's upper body - torso, arms, neck, and head. So basically a Koratian version of a centaur - instead of human/horse, it's a Tarok/Korat. Their senses are excellent and they're very fast, and the breeds are still easily defined - stocky reds, limber blacks, and lean tans.

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