Invented By~ Sushi

Home World~ Lavana

Height at the Shoulder~ Uhhh… *thinks* 3-5 ft.

Species' Colors~ Erm… shades of brown and grey. Always yellow/gold eyes.

Temperment~ Rather unknown, but secretive nonetheless.

Species' Description~ Felines, Karlitzes are long in the torso and unremarkable. Their limbs are flexible and the bones curved, allowing for some funky posturing. Their hind paws are broad and very cattish, while their forepaws are small, slim-toed, and dainty. Their necks are long for felines and muscular, with small heads and smudged-in muzzles. Because of this, they have small fangs, and are omnivores. Their eyesight isn't very good, nor is their smell (again because of the short muzzle), but their hearing more than makes up for the lacks. Somewhat slow and defenseless, their only warning of danger is their tail. This slim, mobile tail ends in a small 'lump', containing… an eyeball. O,o This, unlike their main two eyes, is very accurate (even though it can't see depth very well) and has laser-sharp vision. This species has a six-legged sub-species as well.

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