Jrik (plural - Jrix)

Invented By~ Sushi

Height at the Shoulder~ 4-5 ft

Species' Colors~ Either a blazing brick-red, or a brilliant blue. Crosses between the two races usually results in a flourescent purple.

Temperment~ Reds are loyal and respectful to those who earn it, and not before. Their fighting styles are controlled and usually calm, and they tend to be honest and straight-forward. Blues, however, are aloof and occaisonally haughty, very prideful and placing a great weight on honour and conduct. When they fight, however, they tend to lose their cool and throw their entire life on the line, even if it's only a small disagreement. They're social and loosely devoted to their friends, but aren't as easily loyal to the quick as reds. Purples can be of any trait or combination. Their eyes are usually black, both pupil and iris, though they can be dark grey or green.

Species' Description~ Jrix are basically canine in form, quadrupeds of course. Their legs are as long as their torso and very limber, almost cat-like in build. They have dog-like paws with elongated toes, each tipped in a sharp claw, curving on forepaws and straighter on hindpaws. They have no tails, though reds have somewhat of an inch-long nub. Their heads are a bit more heavy-duty than wolves, with thicker muzzles and sharper teeth. Their fangs have a small hollow thread through them, and a nerve embedded in the base of the tooth in the gum. When this nerve feels enough pressure (by plunging their fangs into meat, usually) it signals the release of a deadly poison. However, it takes a few seconds for the toxin to pump, so there is a chance to get away. Because of this, Jrix seldom fall ill due to poison, and are perfectly immune to their own toxin. However, they tend to eat by shredding and gulping their food, so the rather nasty taste of their poison isn't spread onto their meals. Their torso is sculpted and very flexible, able to perform surprising maneuvers in a jump or while running. Lack of a tail does not mean bad balance in these cretts, and seeing as they have such long legs in comparison to their length, they run faster than cheetahs - though admittedly, not THAT much faster. Jrix have a sort of layered hide. The innermost layer is a plaited unit of down-feathers, which insulate and protect the animal against the elements and any claws. These down-feathers take on a leathery exterior, and are actually quite hard to slice through. The next layer differs, according to the race. Reds will have shorter, broader feathers, nothing extravagent, and rather tough. Blues, however, have long, gracefully curling feathers that can take a lot of preening to clean out. They actually have a feather-tail - that is, a tail made only of sweeping feathers. Topping this rather odd appearance off is a unicorn-like horn, spiralling out of their forehead and ending in a wickedly sharp point. Reds tend to have shorter, heavier horns than blues. Their habitats on Lavana differ greatly according to race. Reds tend to live in small, tight-knit packs in deserts, mountains, and plains, eating red meat and some berries. Blues are more socially complex with larger groups and abide in forests, near water, and also in the plains, eating fish and birds. Only in the plains do the two races mingle, and it is there that the hybrid of Purple will be seen occaisonally. Unlike most Lavanians, Jrix can manipulate energy, and have easy access to the more mystical resources of their planet.

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