Jine (known as Wolvi/Wolvii on Lavana)

Invented By~ Tar

Home World~ Lavana

Height at the Shoulder~ Anywhere from 2 to 7 feet. (Yes, big variations.)

Species' Colors~ Any conceivable earth tones… not counting green.

Temperment~ Rather wolf-like. They're usually friendly, playful, intelligent, and curious.

Species' Description~ As though the wolf on Earth had inspired the Creators of the Tri-System, they took its form and modified it ever so slightly to thrive on Lavana, and even survive on the icy Shakala. With sizes varying from actual wolf-size to over six feet at the muscular shoulder, these beasts are versatile animals. With the wolf's characteristic rough, thick fur, earthy colours, keen senses, and endurance, they've lived on Lavana for a good few hundred years now, and are still going strong. A few modifications were mostly of intangible form - laser-sharp eyesight, better hearing and smell, more endurance, and more speed, as well as able to last longer without food and water. They can survive in Shakala's temperatures of about -200º F, as well as Lavana's hotter temperatures of over 100º F. They are, of course, sentient, but retain much wolf-like behavior, especially ranking and social rituals. Their paws are slightly broader, also, and have better traction, and their long legs are more muscled and toned to provide a greater range of flexibility. Their jaws and vocal chords were also modified slightly, now able to speak Kalash and their new native tongue with ease.

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