Invented By~ Sushi

Home World~ Spirit, Khraen, Lavana, etc. etc…. basically found everywhere

Height at the Shoulder~ 1 to 2 ft.

Species' Colors~ Any earth tones or pastels, but no flourescent-neon colours, rarely one solid hue.

Temperment~ Kind, gentle, subtle, and tactful. They do become fiesty and snappish on occasion, but only to get their way. And they think they're ALWAYS right…. it doesn't help that they usually are. ^_^

Species' Description~ Booooorn to be heeeeeeeeaalers…. *ahems* Anyways. They're very small, and they have hugely long and fluffy fur. Their faces are somewhat Persian, with the smushed face, except they don't look like they're constantly frowning. They have rabbit-style ears, a longish neck, and a long torso that enables them to go on all fours or just on their hind legs. Their forelegs are shorter than their hind by a few inches, so when they walk they stick their booty in the air. Both kinds of legs are feline, though with a humanesque range of movement to their forearms. They have furry hands for forepaws and then just catpaws for hindpaws. Their tail is long, extremely fluffy, and curled over their back like a Husky's. They have oversized feathered wings, and they're actually really good flyers. Very quick and agile. They can teleport too, but they either must know what a place looks like or they can track on any creature's 'life-force' and go to them. They were bio-engineered by the Jhee to do one thing — heal. As such, well. The mere touch of their fur soothes and relaxes (most LOVE petting these things). A prick of their itty bitty claws will numb flesh completely. Their tail can 'shake off' an anti-infecting (it's the morning, so what if I can't remember the right word) powder that keeps wounds clean. Right under their tiny claws is a small slit, a very fine and strong transparent thread can be extruded to stitch up wounds. They're also deft enough to set bones easily, and if you lose a limb, hey! They'll just stitch it back on. But those are just minor things. Their real ability is the actual healing itself, not just repairing. They can, well, begin to glow with a gold and silver light, and that energy will completely heal any creature. Including poison. These little cretts are getting rare, as beings hunt them for their beautiful, silky-soft fur.

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