Species: Icza(s)

Name - Icza(s) [pronounced 'IK-zah(z)']

Size - 2.5-3.5 feet at the shoulder.

Physical Description - Quadrupeds, they have feline heads with sharp fangs and sharper-than-normal teeth. Their eyes are huge and they can see infrared as well as normal light, and they have large, mobile ears. Their necks are short and muscular, with a muscle that attaches the base of their skull to between their shoulder blades. This enables them to lay their heads flat against their spines and look directly up, as well as partly behind them; however, looking downwards takes a lot of stretching. Their torsos are vaguely feline, but far more agile and flexible (not losing any muscle mass, either) because Iczas are arboreal - that is, they live almost solely in the trees. Their limbs, as well, aren't definable as feline, but that's the closest comparison. Muscular and toned, as well as shockingly flexible, they end in agile, clawed talons, perfect for grasping branches, vines, and gripping bark. They have two long, lean tails, each ending in a retractable claw. Blazingly fast in movement through their trees, to which they have a deep, profound connection, Iczas aren't very fast ground runners. In their size range, they are unbeatable fighters, able to take down even a Tlaemae in one-on-one combat (though they rarely fight, since Iczas and Tlaemaes are very companionable species, seeing as a group including both species was the first to go around Lavana's circumference). They have no fur, simply tough, pebbly hide, and are pretty much liquid steel.

Coloration - Pale or dull earth tones, calm blues, greens, violets, and of course grey. Their pupils are huge and black, with very thin gold irises.

Temperament - They're usually playful and friendly, as well as social, curious, and they love exploring. But if you get on their bad side… well, you'll be lucky to live five more minutes. Like many smaller animals, they go somewhat psychotic when mad. They have short tempers, take offense very easily, and don't think twice about killing someone who annoys them.

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