Invented By~ Kain

Home World~ Magaol

Height~ Hmm. Little buggers, only 7 feet. And 20 long, o' course!

Colors~ They have dark and gloomy shades, black and dark gray and dark blue and dark purple, sometimes. Some are dark brown and green and red, and a rare few are dark yellow, that nasty olive green color. Their color is flat, never shiny. They sometimes have markings, but they are still dark and murky. Albinos are always exiled. Their claws and blades are silver or gold or bronze, depending on rank, and their eyes are brighter, like straight reds and blues and greens. Those three the most common.

Temperment~ They tend to be sorrowful and highly dramatic. The Hremhar actually like putting on plays and shows, and carry them well. A few are slightly peppier than others, but they are pretty much the lunatics. If someone is really being strange, a saying is "You're acting like a hyper Hremhar!" Their eyes are always aglow with curiosity, the cretts like reading and earning. They are intelligent, and know much of electronics and wiring and engines.

Appearance~ The Hremhar are…ehh, triupeds. Explained soon. Their dial is a slender, wolven shape, with short, stiff ears and a slightly curved up nose. They have thick whiskers, like a fox, and a wolf's mane. Their bodies are rather avian, with long, broad, bird wings. Their backbones are seperated into many vertebrae, each with a ball swivel joint, allowing eerie flexibility. This runs back into a similar tail, long and monkeyish. Oh, man, that's an -awesome- word, monkeyish. Anywho, at the end of their monkeyish, sorry, tail, there's a scythe-like blade, wicked sharp and barbed. This secretes a poison when the Hremhar is pissed or scared. They have heavyset bodies, thick and muscular, with a thick, but small, rib cage. This brings good protection, but it forces the crett to take many quick breaths. Now, its foreleg, yes foreLEG, it only has one, is avian, and has three wicked talons on the end. Its back legs are smaller than the fore, and have big paws instead of talons, with blunt claws more for catching and tearing rather than slicing. The legs themselves are wolven, with knees that point forwards, like a human's. They are covered in featehrs, with underlying fur, and are horribly swimmers and runners. They weren't made for fighting, exactly, and are more of the performers.

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