Horinrio, also "Plains Rhino" (hore-IN-rhio)

Invented By~ Kain

HM: Magaol

Height at Shoulder: 3 feet

Colors: They lean towards gray-tinted shades of green, tan, and blue. Why, no one knows. Their horns and stubby claws are always some form of brown. Their eyes are darker, like dark blues and greens and black…

Personality: Unlike most Earth Bases, they are calm and collected, rarely fighting and using their massive horns. They tend to smile alot, and are dreamy and serene.

Appearance: Much like rhinos, these guys aren't as big or thick, but faster. Instead of a wimpy rhoni horn, these guys have massive horns like ram horns, and an even big one on their noses. Each horn is about the sze of the head itself. Their tails are capped with a tiny bone club, Their feet are like an elephant's but instead of toenails, have blunt claws, like a dog's, which are numerous. Their legs are logner than a rhino's, too, and they are not-half-bad runners. They are of the Earth element, and are the Rhino Earth Base.

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