Species: Hook-Jaw(s)

Gancio-Mascella (also known as Hook-Jaws)
Home World~ Lavana
Height at the Shoulder~ 2-3 ft
Species' Colors~ Generally bright colours with hollow triangular markings. Eyes are huge and purely black.
Temperment~ Unknown. I don't even know if they're sentient or not.
Species' Description~ Small and thin, GMs are omnivores. Their forelegs are like a cheetah's, almost, with tiny, dainty paws and no claws. Their hind legs, however, are normal-shaped until you get to their 'paws'. These hindfeet are simply two talons, pointing backwards, with no visible palm and the digits appear to connect directly to the leg. Each digit, though, is tipped in a long, curving claw. Their tails are feline, and torso is shallow-chested and narrow-waisted. They get their name, however, from their vaguely panther-like heads - their long muzzles and crocodilian teeth. The upper jaw curves downwards, before curving back up to form a 'hook' in the jaw, which reaches almost to the bottom of their bottom jaw.

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