Critter: Helk

Name - Helk(s)

Size - 6-7 feet high at the shoulder.

Physical Description - Helks are large, muscular, long-legged ungulates. With long muzzles, flat teeth, and an impressive spread of sharp-tipped antlers, they are quite fast in a gallop and also capable of delivering a powerful kick with their heavy cloven hooves. Their fur is thick, dense, and coarse, offering further protection against the claws and fangs of predators. Their tails are short and fluffy, the underside often white; they will 'flag' (lift) their tails to show wariness or warning if something seems amiss.

Coloration - Helks are almost universally dark brown, though the mares can be lighter. Many Helks have black legs, faces, and tails; all Helks have black hooves and grey-brown antlers.

Temperament - Helks are wary, aggressive herd animals. They keep alert watch over the most vulnerable members of the herd, such as the young, the old, and the pregnant, and they will often spring to defend a fellow Helk under attack by predators, trying to reclaim their herdmate from the jaws of death. They are quick to fight and quick to flee, making them challenging prey.

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