Hanlay (Hanuck-Lay)

Invented By~ Trayuck-Nyay

Home World~ Lavana

Height at the Shoulder~ Ah, the only one we know of is 4 ft, but she's not full-grown yet. The average'll probably be 4 1/2, 5 ft.

Species' Colors~ A light, earth-tone base color, with markings of a darker earth-tone fading into it. Eyes can be any color.

Temperment~ Ah, we'll get back to you on that. Not sure.

Species' Description~ A quadruped, Hanlays were Created very recently on Lavana, one of the first species to be made in a long time. Trayuck-Nyay is the female Original. They have heavy-ized Great Dane muzzles, complete with four-inch saberfangs. Their foreheads, like a Shih Tzu's, are pushed in, so that their rather large eyes face straight ahead and can focus binocular-style. They also have floppy Great Dane ears with keen hearing, though their sight is better, and they have good smell. Their fur is medium-length and varies in texture, from coarse to silky smooth. Their torso is canine-ish, though more muscular and flexible, but with the deep chest and narrower waist still. Their limbs are like a cat's, ending in cat-like paws with semi-retractable claws. Their claws, when fully extended, can reach over six inches in length, and look rather like barely-curved, grey, daggers. However, 'retracted' there is only an inch of the tip showing. Their hind claws are more curved and a tad shorter than their foreclaws, better for gripping. They have a normal tail, doglike but flexible as a cat's and a little longer than would look right were they feline. Their speed, endurance, fighting talent, and limits have not been tested, let alone recorded yet.

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