Greater Erauq

Giant Erauq - commonly shortened to G'Erauq

Invented By~ Sushi

Home World~ Lavana, despite being engineered on Aibla from Erauq DNA.

Height at the Shoulder~ 5 ft.

Species' Colors~ Browns, blues, violets, pinks. Their eyes can be any color, and their horns are usually shades of blue or blue-violet.

Temperment~ Depends. Usually aggressive and boisterous, not to mention prone to use energy-bolts for no apparent reason.

Species' Description~ Well, they have a bear-like body, unlike their canine relations the Erauqs. Their eyes are huge, set deeply inside their skull, and give them a perpetually surprised look. They have longs fangs protruding from their thick muzzle, though nothing special. From their foreheads protrudes a horn, a long, gracefully curving 'blade' of pale blue. Their claws are sharper than a dog's, though unretractable, and are used only to help grip the ground. Their limbs are long and powerful, more feline than ursine. They have large wings, bird-like, and are fairly good fliers. Their tail is heavy and feline, layered with porcupine-ish spikes that can be shot out at odd angles, though always away from the G'Erauq. As one last defense, the horn can shoot an energy blast, kinda like lightning. The G'Erauq can modify the power of this blast, for a light stun or killing shot. They tend to be irresponsible in energy use, not to mention unreasonably aggressive, so it's wise to be on your toes around one.

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