Critter: Greater Clatt

Greater Clatt
Home World~ Lavana
Height at the Shoulder~ No can do. From tail tip to hooked beak, they're two to four feet long. GIANT CLATTS! AH!
Species' Colors~ Greys, blacks, browns.
Temperment~ Nonsentient, but frighteningly intelligent at hunting and killing.
Species' Description~ Basically really big, improved and nasty Clatts. Picture a clawed finger. Take out the joints. Add draconic, leathery wings and two short, strong talons. Add a wiry little tail and beady little eyes. There ya go. These blood-sucking beasts live in huge swarms, usually nesting in trees. They're very fast in flight and eat by latching onto their prey with talons, then stabbing their 'claw' (in place of a mouth) into flesh. The claw is hollow, so they can pump blood through, which their second heart aids in doing quickly. These little things have an armored hide, and are very tough to kill. They don't hunt just non-sentients, either. A swarm of clatts can kill a Korat (that doesn't run away fast enough) within two minutes, and the carcass can be dry within seven minutes - Greater Clatts can kill a Korat in under a minute and suck it dry in barely over a minute. They can fly over 70 mph in a chase, and while not self-aware, are smart enough to coordinate their movements to bring down their prey. They're fearsome creatures, all in all.

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