Invented By~ Lixue

Height At Shoulder~ 10 ft

Colors~ see descrip

Temperament~ Kindness towards those they can trust, otherwise very aloof and secretive…

Description~ A member of the dragon family, these creatures are known by their beautiful appearence yet extreme power. Living in regions of planets with colder temperatures, the dragons eat the meat of herbivores that live in the area, different things for different areas, as the dragons adapt easily to new enviroments. Most are found upon the planet of Lavana… but have also been seen in the Artic of Earth, and Kiloko. They are a pale white, males having red eyes, and females having blue. Their wings are said to be made of millions of diamonds, sewn together by the rain… They breed with any other type of dragon and their gestation period is approxomitely two years. They can live up to 5,000 years at that, and are adults at the age of 100.They are killed by fire, a strong fire… Their wings are very valuable and they are often killed for it…

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