Species: Gizir(s)

Name - Gizir(s) [pronounced 'gih-ZEER(Z)']

Size - 3-4 feet tall.

Physical Description - Gizirs are extremely odd little creatures. Their faces are ugly, with short muzzles, pointed ears, flat teeth, and two bulbous eyes. Their neck contorts as their spine splits into two and curves outwards, effectively giving them a flat, ropy torso that resembles an "O". Their arms are very weak, and their hands have four short but nimble little fingers with tiny claws (no thumbs). Their legs are somewhat bowed, cloven-hooved, and surprisingly strong. Gizirs have short, scruffy fur that's often slicked back with water or less sanitary liquids. They aren't too graceful, fast, or strong, but they are surprisingly flexible and can fit through gaps in rock and holes in the ground that none of the larger enemies can.

Coloration - Their colors range from purple, to black, brown, and dark blue and usually mix all four colors to form a very painful-looking hue. Their eyes are dark and solidly-colored.

Temperament - Not really evil, although they serve Equitor and all the other bad guys. They're just… very obedient… and quite trainable. Just passing the line into sentience, really - they seem to have a chittering language amongst themselves, but no one else has figured it out. They're usually used as workers, messengers, and personal slaves.

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