Invented By~ Sushi

Home World~ ??

Height at the Shoulder~ 5.5 to 7.5 ft.

Species' Colors~ gray

Temperment~ Despite looking like something from the depths of btsa, Gaunts are actually kind. They're very protective and dutiful, putting duty and others before themselves. They feel responsibility very keenly. They're also highly intelligent and very adept at learning new languages.

Species' Description~ Mm, bipeds. They have very taut skin of a greyish hue and generically black claws. Their hind legs are coiled, almost like a dog or cat, and only seem short, but in fact are proportioned to their body. They have a long, swaying, reptilian tail. Their spine is hunched and their chest is so flat and thin (despite the muscles) that their shoulder blades curl inwards, giving them a gaunt appearance and thus their name. Their arms are long and skinny, ending in large, clawed hands, but are otherwise humanoid. Their neck also juts out and their head is reasonably humanoid, with longer jaws, a sharp small nose, large dark eyes, and pointed ears. They do have feline-style fangs, but otherwise their teeth are human-like, with incisors, molars, all that. They're omnivores. They're excellent fighters, adept with their own style of weaponry (bulbous spears and lances, short wide swords, bows of a crossbow nature) and very swift. They can move silently and invisibly (to the average crett) when needed, and they live in clans. Oh, did I mention? They're mute. They have no vocal chords. They use sign language with those agile, mobile hands, usually mouthing the words in a spoken language to go along with it, so the looker can either read the hands or read the lips.

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