Species: Foruque(s)

Name - Foruque(s) [pronounced 'for-OOKS']

Size - 18-22 feet tall.

Physical Description - Upright bipeds, Foruques have tough, leathery hide and are amphibious, with gill-slits decorating their medium-length necks and slitted nostrils right above their thick-lipped, flat-toothed mouths. (It seems common concensus among Lavanians that Foruques used to be harmless river-grazers before Equitor turned them evil.) Foruques have fairly long and well-muscled legs; they walk digitigrade (on their toes, heels in the air) and have almost rabbit-like feet, though webbed and clawed. They have a short, vestigial tail about three feet long and when they walk, their spines are tilted into a slant - not a very shallow angle, but about 70º. Their torsos are vaguely humanoid, but their heads aren't. Foruque heads are reasonably round, but they have four large knobs ringing the top of the head at separate 'corners'. These knobs each hold an eye, thus giving a Foruque 360º vision. Their eyesight is incredible, probably to make up for their total lack of smell and their pitiful hearing, and they're almost impossible to sneak up on. Their arms are very long and quite odd; they have no long bones like we do, only a system of joints and short bones that actually resembles vertebrae… thus their arms are incredibly flexible and can move in any which way, not to mention being lean but very strong. They don't have hands, only knots of spiked bones at their wrists - the actual dense knot in the middle is about six inches wide, with spikes of varying thicknesses often longer than 8 inches. The end result of their build is a very fast, agile beast with whip-like arms ending in spiked clubs that can crush skulls with one blow.

Coloration - Blues, greens, aquas, teals, and occasionally yellow-green. Their claws tend to be painted garish colors.

Temperament - Smart, in a way - they know where, how, and when to strike to bring just about any creature down. Their cunning is their most valuable asset, right next to their demonic speed. But aside from this cunning, they're really not too bright, and can be fooled easily if they don't focus too hard. They follow orders well, especially if an Ajoitéi is the one giving them.

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