Forest Olashi

Forest Olashi

Invented By~ Sushi

Home World~ Lavana, on Base as well

Height at the Shoulder~ 4.5 to 5.5 ft.

Species' Colors~ Dark browns, greys, deep blues and greens.

Temperment~ Almost Nila-like, but a bit calmer. They evolved a race apart from Olashi, losing their mechanical inclination but not their insatiable curiosity. They're excellent woodspeople and can match Nila memory and tracking abilities, though they're usually a tad more pacifist than the Nila. They tend towards small families or living alone.

Species' Description~ They're bipeds, built almost exactly like a normal Olashi, except without the wings. They have thick, short fur that is insulating and a slight humanish mane, and stand completely upright with a muscular body. With their upper body vaguely akin to a male human, and thick humanish legs, they aren't too impressive creatures. A very feline face, -almond eyes, feline ears, short muzzle with a black nose- plus two-inch fangs on both upper and lower jaws will catch your eye, especially considering that their jaw can unhinge and slide back and forward to cut flesh and bone in half with ease. These fangs are not nearly as impressive, sharp, or long as a winged Olashi, however. Their hands are retractably clawed, with five fingers and a thumb, much like a human. Their hind feet have either large paws or talon-like feet, both with massive claws, unretractable. Their tail is thick, like a cougar's, and used solely for balance.

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