Fhahr [Rihremmureohrox Fhahr, technically]

Invented By~ Sushi

Home World~ They were bred on Jhey.

Height at the Shoulder~ Anywhere from, say, 8 to 12 feet.

Species' Colors~ They're colour-changers. Their colours match their moods, but their eyes are a constant colour, usually gold, blue, green, or brown.

Temperment~ They're placid and docile, for the most part, though they find most other species to be quite funny. They don't scare easily, they hardly ever get mad, and aside from being passive, they tend to be amused. They enjoy pulling jokes on other species, and can be quite stubborn at times.

Species' Description~ Bred to be pack animals, these Fhahr ended up quite strange in order to survive on Jhey, be fast, be hardy, and be able to defend their masters. Built faintly like T-rex, these big bipeds are well-muscled, though not stocky. Their hind legs are very dinosaurish and end in large, three-toed talons and large, semi-blunt black claws. They have a long, heavy, mobile tail which counters their forward weight. With a deep chest, muscular waist, and agile, strong forelimbs, they also somewhat resemble Baryonyx, to a point. Their 'hands' have three fingers and are also tipped in much sharper black claws. They have a longish, sinuous neck, and their hide is simply that - hide. No fur, feathers, or scales, simply a very tough 'skin' which changes colours with their moods. Some Fhahr can control the colours, some can't. Their heads are somewhat feline, with large eyes, bat-like ears, a round skull and a smushed-in muzzle. They do have long, predatory fangs in that muzzle, though. They can run very quickly, they can wear a saddle for smaller bipeds to ride, and they can survive for a long time without food, water, and rest. All in all, the humans on Jhey bred the Fhahr well, although the big beasts get back at their 'masters' by pranks all too often. (Yes, these things are sentient, and have their own humming language, which no other species has figured out so far. They've also shown no ability to speak other languages.)

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