Species: Fetti

Name - Fetti

Pronunciation - FEH-tee

Original - Conisha, a white female. It's unknown whether she still lives.

Temperament - Fetti are very cautious and skittish, quiet beasts who dislike noise, bright lights, attention, and violence. Though gently affectionate to their clans, Fetti are not social outside their own race, which gives them the reputation of cowardice. In reality, this antisocial tendency is all that's kept their race alive, as just about every other Lavanian is better equipped for battle than they. And besides, Fetti are pacifists.

Culture - Fetti live in tightly-knit clans that consist of a few families. Very reclusive and well-hidden, they rarely interact with any other race, and that only by accident. They have an odd system of matehood: usually, four Fetti -two males and two females- will be in a sort of love… square. There will be two pairs of opposite genders that will mate to produce cubs, but there will also be an equally deep emotional bond between the two females and the two males, making Fetti very caring, complex creatures. Litters are large, from 4 to 8 kittens, but with a gestation period of one year and a cubhood of nine years, kittens are not grown very quickly, nor are they guaranteed a long life, as Fetti only live 60 years.

Habitat - Fetti prefer dense forests with conveniently-located cave systems to spend their days in, as they're nocturnal animals. They can't stand extremes in temperatures, which makes jungles off-limits, so they must search for thick stands of deciduous woods in which to live.

Height at Shoulder - 2-3 feet

Physical Description - These panther-shaped cats are rather fragile, relying on hypnotism to freeze their prey before attacking as a group. Their eyesight is extremely keen and extends into the ultraviolet light part of the spectrum, as well as down into infrared. Their other senses aren't the best, which may be why the species is nearly extinct on Lavana. Their black eyes, filled with tiny flecks of color, can hypnotize their prey by swirling the flecks around, while the rest of their clan advances. The one exceptional thing about Fetti, aside from their swirling eyes, is their jaws. For their body weight, Fetti have the strongest jaws on Lavana, and though they may be weak otherwise, their jaws can crush a diamond stick (should you have one to test them with). When slaughtering helpless prey, they rely on this power to crush bones, usually the neck, or simply suffocate the beast.

Coloration - Fetti are, for the most part, purely black-furred. However, some Fetti are pure white, though they too are nocturnal — it's just harder for them to blend in and participate in hunts. Fetti eyes are universally black (completely without whites) and filled with mobile flecks of various colors.

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