Eyhr Juggahr

Eyhr-Juggahr —- always referred to as Eyhrs, to use Eyhr-Juggahr is to be condescending and/or rude. ((pronounced air-JZOO-gar))

Invented By~ Sushi

Home World~ Spirit

Height at the Shoulder~ 3 or so feet

Species' Colors~ Translucent, shifting colours, usually pastels or gentle earth tones. Never stay one colour, never a solid colour. Their colours shift like the wind (and occasionally WITH the wind) and have nothing to do with their personality or moods.

Temperment~ Intelligent and curious enough to kill a barrelfull of cats, Eyhrs pride themselves on not only their speed but their agility as well. They take offense easily and, like most small cretts, go nuts just as easily and will throw themselves into battle recklessly. Usually witty, some Eyhrs are also very sarcastic (but not meanly so) or vain, most are also far too cocky for their own good.

Species' Description~ Small quadrupeds, Eyhrs are… odd. They don't have fur, simply a soft, supple-leather-like hide, which changes colours and shades constantly. Their eyes are also a swirl or cloudy mix of pastels. Mostly, they're slender, with lean legs and a slim torso, as well as a long, sinuous neck and a long, sinuous tail as well. This tail ends in, this is where it starts to get odd, a pair of delicate, draconic wings. The wingtips, when folded, point towards the Eyhr's head, so in effect they're backwards. Also when folded, the tips will settle upon the crett's narrow hips. Another strange Eyhr quality is their 'paws'. Their bones, light and hollow like a bird's, are skinny and long, with the joints unusually large. So their paws, long-toed, seem oddly aged. They have thick webbing between their toes and also thinner webbing draped over the toes, giving their paws the look of very flat, thin paw-pancakes. Their claws are small and thin, very sharp, much like an eagle's claws. Protruding from their flanks, just about where their rib cage ends, are two long, graceful… tentacles, for lack of a better word. These tentacles are feathery and soft, slender and very mobile and delicate. The feathering is narrow near the base and widens into a triangular tip which can hide an Eyhr's head. Speaking of the head, it's pretty funky looking. They have a long, narrow muzzle with small narrow teeth protruding like a crocodile's, but their nose is shoved up like a pug's at the end, giving them a just-ran-into-a-wall look. Their ears are huge and floppy, probably a good foot long and dangling unless they prick them, in which they give you the puppy-eyes. They have very furry eyebrows, which are remarkably mobile and enables them to give a full range of eye-expressions, such as scowling and looking surprised. Their forehead is very sudden, cutting straight down to extend into a muzzle, which gives their eyes a good range of vision. They also have snake-like, very long tongues - it's the funniest thing to see one pant. That completes the funky little crett. Their senses are pretty good, with eyesight being the best and hearing second-best, their smell barely better than a human's but in close range, very sensitive. But the most remarkable thing about them is their mode of transportation. They rarely use the wings on their tails, sense it looks like a tiny-bodied dragon has snatched their tail and is hauling them along. Instead, those funny, wide paws are able to, very simple, stand on air. Yep. They can walk on air. If you ask one, they'll tell you they hop from air pocket to air pocket, hence their name which means Air-Hoppers. But not many (if any) other creatures can distinguish an air pocket from, well, air, so it's a mystery to any non-Eyhr.

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