Species: Eshay(s)

Name - Eshay(s) [pronounced 'EE-shay(z)']

Size - 2-3.5 feet at the shoulder; usually about 3 feet.

Physical Description - They're feathered quadrupeds, for starters. They have smallish, lean talons, which are shaped more like hands than birdfeet. Their claws are sharper and smaller, more accustomed to grabbing onto bark than cliff faces. Their heads are streamlined and muzzles thin, and their jaws are lined with needle-like, razor sharp teeth. They are omnivores, preferring fish and ripe fruit above everything else. They have long, narrow wings that are extremely flexible to provide great speed. Their tails are long, somewhat flattened, and end in a cluster of tail feathers (like a bird). Their wing muscles wrap around their torso, making their middle appear not very deep-chested. In flight, when the wing muscles contract and expand to beat the air, their torso will curve and then arch, very neatly, giving them surprising strength in flight. Also, they have a nearly unique ability of curving their wings around them and funneling the air through, resulting in a very rapid spiralling flight, rarely level, that can propel them over 300 mph. They don't have much endurance, either on the ground or in air, but their speed makes up for it. On the ground, they are fairly graceful and quick of claw, as well as being able to run about 40 mph.

Coloration - Feathers are usually white or very pale shades of earth tones. Occasionally, their wings will have stronger colors, like tawny or gold or grey, as barred markings. Eyes are generally yellow, green, brown, or blue.

Temperament - Talk about a need for speed! As they love the thrill of speed, so they thrive on the adrenaline rushes of any danger or challenge. But, they can also know when to be serious and helpful. (Though, they may know, but who says they'll behave accordingly?) Most Eshays are extremely light-hearted and flighty, if you'll forgive the pun.

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