Species: Erauq(s)

Name - Erauq(s)

Pronunciation - EE-rak

Original - Khilidb, a rose-furred male with dark brown wings.

Temperament - Erauqs have a reputation for being absolutely unpredictable… which is true. While they're intelligent, rational, thinking beings, Erauqs have a notable lack of compassion for other races and the harm their violent moodswings may cause is often ignored. With time and effort, Erauqs can learn to control themselves and be sensitive to others' needs and emotion, but few are willing to work that hard to do what, in their eyes, is unnecessary.

Culture - Erauqs live in packs/flocks that hold a territory and vengefully defend it from any who dare come near. They mate for life, having one to four pups per litter that are grown within two years; Erauqs themselves live about fifty years. Erauqs have pretty bad relations with other Lavanian races, mostly due to their indifference towards how others feel.

Habitat - Erauqs can live on just about any terrain and in climates that aren't extremely cold. They prefer either sparse, well-lit deciduous forests or mountains, as it's easier to fly in such places; despite not being able to climb trees, they often nest in them.

Height at Shoulder - 2.5-3.5 feet

Physical Description - Erauqs are the first of the three canine Original Nine, long-legged and trim. Their eyes are huge, set deeply inside their skull, and give them a perpetually surprised look; their saberfangs protrude past their chin. From their foreheads protrudes a single horn that looks more like a thin, barely curved blade than anything. Their claws are sharper than a dog's, though unretractable, and are used only to help grip the ground. They have avian wings and are fairly good fliers, more agile and quick than enduring. However, their wings are furred, like the rest of their body. Their tail is heavy and feline, layered with porcupine-ish spikes that can be shot out at odd angles, though always away from the Erauq. As one last defense, the horn can shoot an energy blast, kinda like lightning. Erauqs can modify the power of this blast, for a light stun or killing shot. They tend to be irresponsible in energy use, as well, so it's wise to be on your toes around one. From their eyes comes a softer, more stun-oriented blast.

Coloration - Erauqs usually have one color for their body and another for wings: shades of brown, violet, and pink are most common. Their eyes are usually gold but can be green, purple, or brown, and their claws are usually black.

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