Enthydyem (ehn-THEE-dee-ehm)

Invented By~ Sushi, with credit to the movie EVOLUTION for the inspiration! >;)

Home World~ Spirit

Height at the Shoulder~ 3.5-4 ft.

Species' Colors~ Greys, browns, greens, black. Rarely a solid colour.

Temperment~ Not too friendly, so we don't know much. O,O

Species' Description~ Amphibians, these odd quadrupeds are fierce hunters. Their limbs are crocodilian, though proportionally longer and heavily muscled, ending in webbed, four-toed clawed talons. On the underside of their lower arm is a stiff yet flexible fin, to aid in swimming when in the water. Their tails are as long, if not longer, than their torso and eel-like, helping in balance and swimming both. Their torsos are barrelled and clunky, looking somewhat like a reptile from before earth's dinosaur age. Their skin is like a dolphin's, thick and rubbery and not slimy, but has the mottled colouring of a toad, frog, or croc. Their heads are like a canine crocodile — long muzzled, with long jagged teeth and a pronounced forehead. Their eyes are always yellow and glow in the dark, and they have a thick cornea protecting their eyes when in the swamps and marshes that they love best. In addition to two small lungs and a set of gills, they can breathe through their skin when underwater. Enthydyems are not to be disturbed when in water, and it's not always safe to approach one out-of-water, either. They hunt by ambush, usually, lying in wait near a shoreline for a stupid creature to take a drink. Then, they lunge. They either snatch it and haul it back underwater, strangling it, or they'll chase it down on land if they can. Nice cretts, neh?

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