Firebeast is what they're called by others, but they call themselves the Eluni.((ee-LOO-nee)) [plural - Elunii || pronunciation for plural - ee-LOO-nee-EYE]

Invented By~ Sushi

Home World~ Spirit

Height at the Shoulder~ 4-5 ft (AND) 20+ ft.

Species' Colors~ Vivid colours of any tone. See descrip for details.

Temperment~ Warriors. Other than that, not much is known, aside from they're not overly hostile.

Species' Description~ They vaguely resemble Oriental dragons - or at least their heads do. They're scaled and take great pride in polishing and smoothing their scales. Their body is long, almost draconic, but with a deeper chest than you'd see on a normal dragon. Their spine is like a snake's - perfectly flexible. Their forelegs are proportionally short, but limber and powerful, ending in five-toed talons with sharp, curving claws. Their hind legs are half again the length of their forelegs (aka 1.5 times as long) and held in a half-crouch. Their hind legs are exceedingly strong and end in the same type of talons that their forelegs do. They have a tail longer than themselves, a draconic tail. Along their neck, back, and tail they have small ridges, just like a reptile. Yes, they do have draconic wings, hugely oversized and leathery, with no protruding wing-fingers (the little fingers at the main joint in the wing). Their scales are flexible but very tough everywhere except on the underside of their jaw, their belly, and the insides of their legs. But they don't need to worry about that.

The reason other species call them Firebeasts is simple. A constant flame blazes at the top of all four talons, at the tip of their tail, along their wingbones, along their spine, and at various accenting places on their face and head. Therefore, they are completely immune to fire, heat, or any of those effects. They can breathe fire, naturally, as befits a cousin of Dragonkind. And even if one were to manage to pass the fire and cut them, their scalding blood would, if not immediately wiped off the claws/teeth/blade, would erode whatever it touched. (Can you say, hot blooded?) Because of the fire, as well, they can survive in any temperature. Also, their claws excrete a reddish-hued liquid that ignites into flame when it comes in contact with anything non-Eluni. Their fangs have a similar liquid, but this leaks out only when they have a hold of flesh, and is like an acid, burning through anything and everything it can reach.

As for their colours. An Eluni can be any colour imaginable, though one of a solid hue is unheard of. Their fire tends to be one shade (no, it's not always red/orange), their hard scales another, and then the tender snake-like scales on their underside another shade, with a blazingly bright shade for their huge eyes. They're very fast in flight, able to execute extremely complicated maneuvers. They're not too bad at running, either, though their flexible spine means it's somewhat difficult to keep a strong lope up for long. They do like to fight, but several are completely peaceful. Oh, and… they're purely carnivorous.

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