Critter: Elei

Name - Elei(s) [pronounced 'EE-lee(z)']

Size - 12-16 inches long.

Physical Description - Very small, pliable reptiles. They have four short, slim legs ending in clawed talons. Their torso is almost snake-like, as is their tail. Their head is odd - almost birdlike, with a small beak, large eyes, and two 'horns' - merely rounded knobs of bone above their eyes. They eat berries, but usually feast on parasites, bugs, and dead skin and dried blood - which is surprisingly helpful. They'll attach themselves to a Lavanian, and keep that creature's hide clean and healthy. It's only annoying when they wedge themselves in an uncomfortable place, like in the crook of one's elbow or knee. But they're tolerated, since a Lavanian with an Elei or two rarely gets sick, and his wounds heal very quickly. Also, Eleis are asexual. They reproduce by splitting in half length-wise, starting at their two head-knobs and continuing on to their tailtip. The two Eleis left as a result of the division are not identical; the "original" is markedly different from its offspring, since the genetics do mutate and change with each division. Within a few days after dividing (provided they have enough salt and nutrients to consume), the two new Eleis will regrow to their former length.

Coloration - Eleis are incredibly bright - think neon colors. Their eyes tend to be jewel-tones (ruby, sapphire, emerald, etc), but their bodies, which are always a solid color, are often neon yellow, orange, or green - blues, purples, and reds are also known.

Temperament - Very unintelligent, Eleis gravitate towards niches in trees, rock faces, or living bodies that will provide them with a foodsource of insects or dead flesh. Once they find a comfortable place to live, they don't often move.

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