Invented By~ Sepale

Height at Shoulder~ for a grey, around 4 or 5feet; for a yellow, around 6 to 8 feet.

Colors~ soft grey or golden yellow

Temperament~ Ela's are either very calm and almost serene or incredibly hyper. Greys are generally calmer than yellows. Yellows are generally energetic and overly-friendly, casually knocking a friend on the shoulder in passing (and occasionally knocking the being down quite hard). Greys are quiet and more intelligent than yellows, although not by much. Yellows love to fight, while greys prefer to stay away from other creatures.

Description~ They are quadrupeds. They come in two different races; yellows and greys. Yellows are blunt, large, friendly, and hyper. Greys are usually more reserved, smaller and slimmer, tactful, and somewhat timid. Sepale is a yellow, obviously. Both races of Ela have the same basic shape. A raptorish head, long forelegs ending in long paws with quite large claws, and a long body. Their hind legs are muscular and smooth, ending in broad paws with large, sharp claws. They have a long, prehensile tail, with a blade at the end. Greys' blades are small and straight, sometimes poisonous and very very sharp. Yellows' blades are large, heavy, thick, and curved, often not as sharp as a grey's blade. Yellows are much bigger and heavier built than greys, but both races live in the plains. They have soft fur, covering their entire body, and tufts at their heels of all four feet. Their jaws are heavy and their teeth are very sharp and curved, also like a raptor's. They have wide, almond-shaped eyes that are any colors.

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