Invented By~ Sushi

Home World~ Lavana

Height at the Shoulder~ Two breeds. One is 8-10 ft, the other is 18-25 ft. Other than the size, they're identical.

Species' Colors~ Bronze for males, gold-copper for females.

Temperment~ They were Created at the very end of the Dark Wars on Lavana, so naturally their temperments are defensive, angry, and willing to fight at the slightest insult.

Species' Description~ Big strong brutes, Eixids aren't the smartest, but aren't easily fooled. They have heavily featured raptor-like heads, long fangs, and two bull-like, serrated horns. Did I mention all their teeth are also serrated? Good. Their heavy paws are tipped in nonretractable, serrated claws as well, and their strong, muscular tails end in, you guessed it, a serrated blade. They don't have fur, only leathery, tough hide, and as quadrupeds their legs are long and well-muscled. Their senses are excellent. They have two breeds, the only difference being in size, and the fact that the larger breed can breathe a green sort of acid-fire. Very dangerous. Directly after the Dark Wars, the species began to decline, and now is very much 'endangered' on Lavana.

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