Invented By~ Taio

Height at the Shoulder~ 7-10 ft.

Species' Colors~ Blades, claws, back scales, fangs always black. Body color is a pastel blue, pink, yellow, or green. can also be grey.

Temperment~ Somewhat depends on colors; blues are usually more friendly, yellows more hyper, pinks more prissy, and greens more outdoorsy. Greys are the dark ones of the race. They do most of the battling and are better fighters than any of the other colors. Its eyes are a darker version of its main scale color. (i.e. pastel blue scales, normal blue eyes) Its eyes are very dragon-like, with its pupil a mere slit.

Species' Description~ Long, dragon-like body twice as long as it is high. Four lion-like legs, very wolfish head. Two saberteeth, and two toes on each hind paw- three on the front. Very long, sharp claws on all four feet. Protruding from its hocks are a long, sharp blade at the same angle as the bone below the hocks. (up) At the very end of its long tail are two long, slightly curved blades, like this: \_/

It is double-jointed, allowing for more flexibility. Its head attatches to is kneck at the base of its skull, to allow it to ram something. Naturally, that means its skull is thick; on greys it is thicker than the others. It is covered in teardrop-shaped scales, overlapping like a fish's. These scales allow it to "melt" into its surroundings, rendering it completely invisible.

It has many backwards-pointing plates starting at the back of its skull and running down its spine, extending to the beginning of its tail blades. These plates are spaced up to a foot apart. On its tail, smaller versions of these plates exist as spines, which can be lodged in its victim, like a porcupine. Extremely rare Dracai have black dragon-wings, and from their bending joint a cylindrical horn, about a half foot in length protrudes. These wings are nearly see-through. Another variation of the species is the ability to breathe short bursts of fire, no flame-throwing, prolonged stream of fire, but bluish green fireballs instead. These are propelled at quite high speed from the mouth.

Males and Females are impossible to distinguish between, and there are genderless Dracai.

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