Invented By~ Sushi

Home World~ Spirit

Height at the Shoulder~ 4-6 ft.

Species' Colors~ Earth tones. Usually a lighter shade of a base colour for the tufts and manes. Any colour eyes, normally silver or gold blades, black or silver claws.

Temperment~ Unknown. O,O

Species' Description~ Related to the Tuatha directly, the Danaan (never Danaans, always the Danaan) are long-bodied quadrupeds. They have agile limbs, well-toned but not overly impressive, and long, powerful tails with a set of four blades on the end, two on 'top' and two on 'bottom', set in an alternating pattern. Their heads are rather raptorish, with wolfish fangs and wolfish ears. They have long, shaggy, rather unkempt manes which are usually wavy or outright curly. Messy tufts of wavy fur also form anklets, directly above each paw and long enough to drag the ground. Their normal fur tends to be long and slightly shaggy as well. Their paws are actually talons, with three long, clawed fingers pointing forwards and a 'thumb' pointing backwards.

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