Invented By~ Keoqoi

Home World~ Aibla

Height at the Shoulder~ Which shoulder? *G* Lower shoulder (quadruped half) is probably four feet, higher shoulder (upper torso) is probably seven or so feet. Both genders are about the same size, with very little variation.

Species' Colors~ One base colour patterned with a darker shade, anywhere from browns to white to greys to black.

Temperament~ Intelligent and very perceptive, other than that, it varies. They don't take much diamen, though… not from anyone. They'd rather die than be kept prisoner.

Species' Description~ They have no tail and a slender body with long, lithe legs and draconic talons to boot, but where a quadruped's head would be, they have a slender upper torso, two leanly-muscled arms ending in long-fingered feline paws, a gracefully arched neck, and a feline head. They're feathered, as well.

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