Creation & Creators

Every race in the Tri-System, Emeracore System, and many from other worlds were Created; they did not evolve. They were not created by some god or goddess, but rather, by an ancient race whose true name is unknown. These beings, whom Lavanians simply termed 'Creators,' evolved right out of their own physical bodies millenia ago and have achieved godlike power - without the omnipotent intelligence and wisdom. They are still fallible and still individual.

Creation of the Tri-System

Creators came to a piece of space with three large rocks orbiting as lifeless moons around a gaseous planet. The three rocks were made into the three planets and the gaseous world into the sun, Ghrayu. Creators then made the Original Nine, the first nine species of Lavana. Only three native species were offered to Shakala, and none to Terole. Terole is now a refuge for alien fugitives and criminals from half the galaxy, and is basically a lawless pit of depravity. The only Lavanians who have a substantial population there are Nila. Though most Creators have, theoretically, left the Tri-System, there are still enough to keep Creating species. The only sentient species to evolve on Lavana was Olashi, from Sky Cats. Evolution from quadrupedal predator to bipedal herbivore only took about two thousand or so years; many biologists suspect Creators were involved.

The process of Creation is actually a fairly standardized process, whether because that's the way it must happen or because of regulations Creators have made amongst themselves. The species begins with one adult Original of any gender; the Original is semi-immortal in that it cannot die from old age, but it can be slain. Also, the Original tends to be the very epitome of its species, the best there can be. Originals can be identified instantly by the fact that they do not have a shadow at all, even in direct sunlight; once the Original is Created, its shadow is taken and broken into fifty pieces. These fifty pieces become the First Fifty, the first fifty individuals of the species whose lifespans are much longer and who tend to be far above average in areas of intellect and physical prowess. The First Fifty's genes actually alter as the years pass, ensuring that the genepool is vast from the very beginning; this fluid-gene trait is slowly lost through the generations as it is no longer necessary, and it's thought that it may reoccur if the species ever nears death via inbreeding. The Original, in the old days on Lavana, was often Created with full knowledge of its world and the species on it, but in more recent days, new Originals tend to be clueless, perhaps as a test to their fitness to survive. On the rare occasions that a Creator comes to dislike an Original and deigns not to make it into a full-fledged species, its lifespan becomes normal, and its shadow is present, but incredibly faint. And, for the last note: Of the Line, which is of great significance on Lavana in particular, means directly descended from the Original; such individuals are often exceptional in some way, to some extent.

These Creators made the Tri-System, and to never forget that, Lavanians teach a story-rhyme to their children. I've done the best I can at translating it into English, so, here you are.

As 'tis known and as 'tis told,
Far away, in times of old,
A race of space-phantoms came,
Creators they were of name.

Saw they rocks, gaseous planet,
And an idea they did beget—
To Create new life, a home;
Within this space, soon to roam.

Massive planet became a sun;
Solar system had begun!
Three new worlds space rocks did frame;
From naught but dust, two moons came.

Into orbit all was tossed,
Order did this hurry cost,
For five orbs went 'round and 'round,
Circling sun, together bound.

Now to them all, names did go,
Though in a tongue none did know.
Our Originals thus did make
New titles for our homelands' sakes:

Ghrayu is our local star;
Lavana, biggest world by far;
Shakala, winter's frostful power;
Terole, desert mistress sour;

Veron, silver virgin moon;
Xerachin of deadly tune;
Honorary Raobé,
Who joined with us in war and play.

Back to our tale we now go,
Let the words rhyme, smoothly flow.
Then, a Creator downwards fell
To land within Lavana's dell.

Nine portals it did upraise,
Three stone pillars for the bays—
One for roof and two for flanks,
In a crescent, formed their ranks.

But first, flora must be birthed,
So a seed was made and earthed.
It grew in the blink of an eye
To such heights that crown touched sky.

Music shone from trunk and limb,
From silver fruit and gold leaf's rim;
The kûsani tree blest our home
With sound and life of its own.

With careless grace, next were born
Wond'rous plants, all in one morn.
The Creator saw its art;
T'was all it'd do; it did depart.

The next Creator did descend
And look upon the world; befriend
It did, the sea, the sky, the land
Before it thought; and then it planned.

Those nine portals, empty yet,
Would nine creatures soon beget;
Only the first, as ye know,
Of the vast multitude to grow.

The Original Nine came
One by one, with famous names;
Night Cat, Snow Cat, Shugaray,
Sky Cat, Infernio, all in day—

At night there came then Fetti,
Erauq, Kiyi, Maned Heifia.
These Nine were good, but not best;
Better numbered amongst the rest.

To each creed, one Original,
Whose shadow was lost in full—
Broken it was, to start each breed;
The First Fifty birthed of its deed.

To Shakala went three folk:
Furred white Ceenai, surplus bulk,
Nero Luces, ghostly black,
Onago, of size no lack.

For Terole, no native was made;
In destiny, this world unbade.
Now 'tis settled by aliens,
And safe haven for legions.

Veron, lovely moon so pure;
Sentient flora given to her.
To Xerachin, red moon dang'rous;
A plethora of beasts vicious.

For the next thousand years,
Creators did indeed stay near;
They birthed new creeds, and then yet more,
Until each world was filled by scores.

Lavana had most the clans,
Shakala fewer; arctic bans,
Terole none native, settlers many,
Xerachin full, Veron hardly any.

Creators, once their plans fulfilled,
Left the Tri-System; they did build
Life and home, and now they're gone…
But some remain, still gazing on.

Thus ends our hist'ry, our Creation,
'Tis worth the time, though, to mention—
Those who did stay are strong an' shrewd;
Should ye meet one, be not rude.

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