Critter: Clatt

Name - Clatt(s)

Size - 3-7 inches long, with a wingspan of up to 15 inches.

Physical Description - Clatts have a head that resembles a curving claw (the tip of the claw being their jaws/beak), and their bodies are long, narrow, and cylindrical. They have bat-like wings, two small but strong taloned hind legs, and a small, wiry tail. These blood-sucking beasts live in huge swarms, usually nesting in trees. They're very fast in flight and eat by latching onto their prey with talons, then stabbing their claw-like mouth into flesh. The 'claw' is hollow, so they can pump blood through it, which their second heart aids in doing quickly. These little things have an armored hide and are very tough to kill. They don't hunt just non-sentients, either. A swarm of clatts can kill a Korat (that doesn't run away fast enough) within two minutes, and the carcass can be dry within seven minutes. They can fly over 70 mph in a chase, and while not self-aware, they're smart enough to coordinate their movements to bring down their prey. They're fearsome creatures, all in all, and widely avoided by sentients and nonsentients alike.

Coloration - Usually greys, sometimes black, and rarely grey-brown.

Temperament - They hunt, and they swarm, and they kill. However, they're intelligent enough to not kill anyone who 'owns' the territory that they nest in - unless provoked.

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