Invented By~ Sushi

Height at the Shoulder~ about 7 ft…. when rearing up, about 13…. they weight about 1600 lbs, and are about 10 feet long, not counting the tail.

Species' Colors~ Generally white or light grey, no markings.

Temperment~ Generally friendly, but love to fight and to hunt. If you get them mad, watch it, 'cause these cretts can win almost any fight.

Species' Description~ A head like a crossed polar bear and raptor, with long muzzle, thick skull, sharp teeth, quiet eyes. Thick neck, very shaggy fur. Forelegs are like polar bear's, with big ole paws and very sharp claws. Hind legs are raptorish, with the middle toes off the ground and the long, arched claws. A long, raptorish tail, flexible. All covered in pale shaggy fur. Not always intelligent, but they're very warm-hearted.

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