Critter: Chynk(s)

Home World~ Lavana
Height at the Shoulder~ 2-3 ft.
Species' Colors~ Any.
Temperment~ Nonsentient… acting rather like a earth deer.
Species' Description~ Slim quadrupeds, Chynks are mostly herbivores, though they'll scavenge meat if they can. Their heads are somewhat like Pernese dragons/flits, without the ridges and topped in a webbed sort of crest. They have long necks, slender legs, a slim torso, and a long graceful tail. They have dainty paws, with catlike claws, and they have two pairs of draconic wings - one over their shoulders and one in the middle of their back. The shoulderwings are larger and more powerful than the backwings. They have pebbly skin, no fur.

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