Critter: Chitter

Name - Chitter(s)

Size - A foot high at the shoulder, give or take a few inches.

Physical Description - Chitters are mostly feline; they have very long, fluffy fur that they keep scrupulously clean, spending hours a day grooming. Their paws and body are feline - they do have claws with which to fish and hunt small birds and rodents - and their tails are long, carried curled over their haunches. Their faces are blunt-featured with large, round eyes and floppy ears. They tend to live in herds of at least fifty individuals, but some Chitter herds can consist of 200 or more individuals. True to their name, they also make a variety of chittering, chirping, barking, and mewling sounds.

Coloration - Earth tones (greys, gold, white, black, browns) in a variety of markings. Eyes tend to be neon and faintly luminous in the dark.

Temperament - Exceedingly friendly little beasts, Chitters are the most 'sacred' of the sacrosanct three. They have a strange, unexplained tendency to curl up and sleep around a lone Lavanian, lending warmth and comfort to the larger beast. Their lack of fear is probably due to the fact that they know, from experience, that Lavanians won't harm or kill them.

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