Invented By~ Dae

Home World~ Anyana

Height at the Shoulder~ 1-2 ft.

Species' Colors~ Just about every natural color scheme and pattern.(i.e., no neon colors)

Temperament~ Varies, but the majority of them have a quick temper and sharp wit. Hyper, energetic creatures. Not uncommon to see a whole pack of twenty of them bouncing along in the forest. That's right, Bouncing. They bounce when happy.

Species' Description~ Oh, lessee. Body shape somewhat feline, but predominantly canine. Fragile-looking, but don't let their appearance decieve you. Faces are like a cat's, ears are very large, cupped organs that can pick up minute sounds from very far away and also frequencies above and below a human's normal hearing range. Eyesight is very good, and smell is excellent. Their tail is as long as their bodies and end in a small… 'pom'. A little tuft of fur, in which the fur sticks out in all directions… similar to a dandilion head when it seeds. Get the picture? Their feet are canine, and their retractable claws are short, but sharp. Their eyes are large and always vivid in color. Chible are lithe beings, and very cute, even when mad. This causes some to be fooled into thinking they are basically harmless. Well, they aren't. Though they rarely kill their victim, their long -compared to their size- teeth inflict a painful bite, their saliva containing a pain-inducing agent. This causes much much more pain than their small teeth would normally cause, and often causes paralysis. This saliva is merely a defensive measure against larger preadators.

Chible are fast, swift creatures that eat berries, roots, and bugs. The leader of their pack usually has a black pom on their tail, instead of the standard color, white. Chible females often put earrings in their ears to show rank. Almost every pack has at least one of two things supporting it. First thing is a Bruiser. These 3-ft. Chible are stocky and well-built, very strong yet slow. Their bites pack a knock-out punch, and they aren't known for their intelligence. Bruisers support the pack in battle. The second thing is a Chible who is leaner and more cunning than any of the others. They go by several names: Sneak, Sleuth, Swift, but they haven't stuck with any certain one. These Chible often support the leader when he is struggling.

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