Invented By~ TFD

Home World~ Anyana

Height at the Shoulder~ 2-3 ft.

Species' Colors~ Orange, green, red, light blue, brown, black, yellow. Always has black stripes. Eyes can be any color.

Temperment~ Rarely calm and reserved, Chauperi personalities are vary from individual to individual. Usually happy-go-lucky and friendly.

Species' Description~ Ooh, hard part. Quadruped. Slightly peanut-shaped body, with crouching human-like hind legs. A sharp horn-like spur protrudes from each knee. Its feet are only like human feet in that they have a heel and an ankle bone. The rest of the foot is short and thin, with somewhat bird-like toes tipped with sharp claws at the front. Its tail is a tad longer than it's body, and about halfway down it splits into two forks. Each fork has a sharp blade on the end. Its forelegs are more dog-and-arm-like, with four-fingered hands instead of feet. One opposeable thumb, three other fingers, like a cartoon. Its head is set high on its shoulders, its neck set nearly at a 90° angle to its back. Its face is rabbit/human like, with a black nose similar to a crescent moon, the inside of the curve facing the bridge of its nose. *these things are hard to describe with words. words don't do them justice, as with most of my crettys* Two large bat-like ears are set high on the Chauperi's head, giving them outstanding hearing. All in all very flexible and quick, Chauperi have the ability to teleport short distances (i.e., 50 feet). They are swell mechanics, and like to take things apart as much as they like putting them together. Sabotaging cretts, so to speak.

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