Chatine (chah-TEEN)

Invented By~ Sushi

Home World~ Lavana

Height at the Shoulder~ 4-6 ft.

Species' Colors~ Greys, reds, creams.

Temperment~ Unknown, but sentient.

Species' Description~ Graceful quadrupeds, these secretive and rare creatures have soft, silky fur with longer fur around their ankles, on the tip of their tail, and cresting the back of their skull. Their head is long and gentle-looking, with intelligent eyes and internal ears. Their tails are leonine and apparently prehensile. They have a pair of feathered wings, more like a songbird's wings than a falcon's or eagle's. Their bones are hollow, like a bird's, but very strong. Their limbs are slender and agile, ending in four-toed, clawed talons. Their spine appears to be incredibly flexible, almost serpentine, and they are reputed to be very fast in both running and flight.

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