Carpinillium (Carp)

Invented By~ Alpha

Home World~ Ayunrak

Height at the Shoulder~ 5-7 ft

Species' Colors~ White, light grey, silvery, mother-of-pearl, light cream, even blue-white. Usually blue eyes, sometimes gold.

Temperment~ Much like wolf temperment, although far more intelligent, and occasionally more defensive of their own. They don't take to strangers much.

Species' Description~ Picture a very large wolf, about six feet at the shoulder (average). Give it shortish, shaggy, layered fur of a very pale color, with the skin itself being black and the fur being like a polar bear's. Give it saberfangs, huge cat-like paws with long, curved, black claws, and a very strong, flexible overall look. Add a long, muscular, semi-prehensile tail that ends in a scythe-like blade, which is usually the same color as their fur. That's a Carp. They live on a very cold, arctic world called Ayunrak (pronounced kinda like ann'-rack), that's why their fur is so insulative. They live in packs, too, and are territorial in the extreme at times. They have one alpha, almost always a male, and once he becomes alpha, that is his name. Alpha. If a female becomes an alpha, she is called Alphae.

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