Invented By~ Rillwalker

Height at the Shoulder~ Anywhere from 3 to 6 ft.

Species' Colors~ Any earth tones or shades of grey, and they can have any markings, such as spots, rosettes, or stripes. Their eyes are always one pure color, both pupil and iris.

Temperment~ It varies on individual.

Species' Description~ A canine head, a shaggy mane like a lion's, a powerful feline body, front legs and paws like a cat's, back legs like a cat with canine paws, long feline tail. Very strong and can go up to 80 mph in a short sprint. Smart, and good hunters. Their jaws are really strong, and their senses are excellent. Many Calines are coming to Terole since food is getting scarce on Drran, their home world. Their species is full-grown at 65, and live until about their 300's.

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