Species: (Cadoran) Human(s)


Physical Description~ Possessing a small variety of skin colors ranging from peach to dark tan to mocha to near-black, humans are the most populous of all Cadora's peoples. Most humans take great care of their appearance, dressing in tunics, trousers, leggings, boots or sandals, cloaks, jackets, and the like. They also take great pride in their hair, which can be any shade of brown, golden-yellow, black, or silver/grey/white in old age. Though fairly strong, reasonably agile, and with decent speed, humans are far from the most impressive of Cadora's races.

Temperament~ Humans are quite fickle creatures. With shorter lifetimes than demons and kat'ni, they tend to live for the moment, often losing sight of the 'big picture'. They're the only race to be removed from nature in their daily mindset, and this sometimes gives them a superior attitude to Cadora and her creatures. However, humans are good-hearted and intelligent overall, and generally amiable people to be around.

Culture~ Preferring to live in towns or cities, rarely abiding solely on a farm or in a forest, humans have a very social culture. Seemingly unable to go long without contact with another intelligent being, they often go to great lengths to increase communication and build roads between once-separated places. They're quite organized and are exceedingly good builders and inventors, making some of the most splendid cities on Erodak and Tsok. Humans believe in several different gods and goddesses, most of which are petitioned only in times of need, as humans overall are not very religious.

Relationship with Other Races~ Humans have contradictory views towards demons and kat'ni. Those that know kat'ni personally like them, and those who've only heard rumors about the colorful Khettens are suspicious, though in first meeting one they tend to be warily polite, often masking this caution with excessive happiness or friendliness. Towards demons the opinion is even more extreme; some humans like demons and value them as an integral part of Cadora's overall culture, while others simply tolerate them and treat them as equals but strangers, and yet others despite demons. Those who hate demons tend to be jealous of that race's physical prowess and long lifespans or simply fearful of demons' inherent strength and intelligence, enough to match or surpass those of humans. Merfolk are treated with cautious respect and usually honored for their sheer uniqueness. Few humans really like tiquins, unnerved by the cat race's morphing powers, and fewer humans can understand, let alone like, lizardfolk, as the big natives tend to scare and confuse humans. Though tuits aren't numerous, humans overall thoroughly like the short, stocky beings and form strong relations with them when at all possible.

Location(s)~ Humans live primarily on the continent of Erodak, inhabiting all five nations. In demon-ruled Serutaya, they are a very small minority, but they claim the majority of the population in Luer, Eliode, Oeluli, and Ives. Humans also live in great numbers on Tsok, and in small numbers on Ironius. A few handfuls also live on the arctic continent of Kaos and the dangerous continent of Kudanu.

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