Species: (Cadoran) Demon(s)


Other Names~ wraith, apparition, spirit, specter

Physical Description~ Most demons have three forms, though they usually take one as their favorite and remain in it most of the time. Their human form, naturally, looks like a human, though odd hair, skin, and eye colorations are common. Their half-demon form is still humanoid, with the same size range and build, though often they will also possess fur/scales/feathers, claws, sharp fangs, bestial ears or tail, whiskers, or odd coloration. In this form they are extremely agile, fast, and powerful, often many times moreso than the average human; even in human form they tend to be more physically powerful than humans themselves. Their full demon form varies with each race; animal demons will have a larger, perhaps slightly altered form of their animal, while elemental demons may have a bestial form or simply a humanoid form surrounded by their own element in its rawest, most powerful form. Spirits are slightly different in this case, as their full demon form is translucent and ghostly, able to pass through solid objects and gain some of their energy. Switching between forms is usually effortless and becomes easier with each change; it only takes about thirty to ten seconds. Although demons have less spirit-energy than humans, theirs is far easier to realize, tap, and control, thus making them fearsome warriors. They live from 300-350 years, making them the longest-lived race of Cadora.

Temperament~ Demons are much like humans in the variety of individual personalities. Though the vast majority are very connected to nature and the rhythms of life, some high-class demons prefer city life, of which Serutaya (the only demon-dominant nation on Erodak) offers plenty. Demons, quite simply, cannot be averaged.

Culture~ Largely nature-based, demons have been pressured to rise in technology and culture to match the more numerous humans. Many demons are content to live a reclusive life with nature, in small groups or simply alone, but many others prefer clans that hold certain parcels of land in their own nation. Yet others have become human-like in their preferences, enjoying the luxuries that cities hold.

Relationship with Other Races~ Those demons who know or know of kat'ni have an almost universal amiability towards them, being as kat'ni are close cousins of demons and relatively near demon prowess. Demons tend to look down on merfolk, unappreciative of the cultural and racial diversity that they present, but some (mostly those living on seashores) have come to appreciate the water-dwellers. Towards humans, most demons hold some level of resentment. Though some consider humans as equals and others as inferior beings, most dislike humans for the simple fact that humans, being more numerous and in many ways more ingenious than demons, have taken a strong hold on Erodak and Tsok. Demons respect and cautiously like lizardfolk, and some nature/animal demons have a deep bond with those individual lizardfolk near them, as those demons and all lizardfolk share a powerful love of the natural world. Demons are decidedly neutral towards tiquins and tend to look down on tuits.

Location(s)~ Demons inhabit, if only in minorities, three of the five countries of Erodak — Oeluli, Eliode, and to a greater extent, Luer. Nearly none live in the militaristic, demon-hating nation of Ives, but in direct contrast, the demon-ruled nation of Serutaya houses the only majority population of demons on the continent. Demons also live in substantial numbers on Tsok, as well as having a handful on Kudanu.

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