Invented By~ Squall

Height at the Shoulder~ six feet

Species' Colors~ The main/sub colors of their Bonded. That is all. When they haven't been Bonded yet, they are all white and genderless.

Temperment~ anything!

Species' Description~ It has a long neck. Perched upon this is its head, a mix between a tiger's and a wolf's. Long rabbit ears stick out of it. A graceful, draconian, body is attached to a very long, thick, wolf tail, which apparently can coil about things. Tiny bird wings jut out of its shoulder blades. It bears long legs, with tiger paws at the end, and sharp claws. Covered in fur. It is all main colored, then main color of their Bonded Draling, with sub colored, the sub color of their Draling, ears, muzzle, lower neck, stomach, lower tail, wings, lower shins, paws, and stripes. It also has dark silver spots on its four haunches.

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