Critter: Byrg

Name - Byrg(s) [pronounced 'burg(z)']

Size - 5-7 inches long, with wingspans of 13-20 inches.

Physical Description - Byrgs are furred, bat-like mammals with tiny fangs; they're carnivorous, eating insects and occasionally dead fish that they find washed up on banks. They have surprisingly strong back legs, which helps them hold on in fierce winds when they cannot fly. They have bat-like faces and large, bulbous eyes; their finely-furred wings are unusually strong, able to function as forelimbs at times, as their 'wing-hands' have rather nimble fingers. They have smooth-furred, rat-like tails that act as rudders in flight.

Coloration - Shades of blue with black or very dark blue eyes, which are solidly-colored and shiny.

Temperament - Not very intelligent, byrgs are extremely social and live in swarms/flocks of 200+ individuals without a defined leader. They're harmless for the most part, being too small to hurt anything non-insectoid, but when swarming, they can be quite annoying.

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